What Is "Productive Reality" Theory

Productive Reality (PR) is a new theory presented by Mehrdad Naderi, a researcher who has put forward this ground-breaking theory that aims at creating a novel approach in integrating "learning" and "technology". This theory is, in fact, a combination of the following fields: Artificial Intelligence in general and Machine Learning in particular, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, ...

I came up with the concept of "Productive Reality" through experiencing various stages of my education and my career activities, which I will elaborate upon in a few different stages here:

First, at the age of fifteen, I decided to drop out of high school, which seemed quite controversial at that time. Like many other parents, my parents first could not accept it, believing that I was tired of going to school and that a little rest would change my mind, which was not the case. They believed that the only way of "progress" and "flourishment" is through receiving a high school diploma with flying colors, that is, high scores. However, having tried hard, I could convince them that my progress in education does not go through this inefficient and unproductive educational system. Let me tell you the story from scratch. We were three friends who decided to study English on our own for almost two hours in the afternoon in a very beautiful park with great weather. Every single one of us had his own approach in studying English, but we shared our ideas about how efficiently we could learn in a shorter time. Having studied for two months, we understood that our approaches in learning were quite different. We also understood that, for each of us, a unique approach worked, but three of us made a huge progress in English. Although we were taught English at school for two hours a day, our progress was not comparable at all to what we were doing on our own. The efficiency of our learning based on our own most efficient way of learning was two or three times as much as that of studying at school. After we recognized that this is the case, we decided to study mathematics this way whose result was the same.